Candy and Confectionery

With the increasing number of candy products and many types of candy on the market, with unique characteristics, you need a suitable printer coding machine too. 

Existing candy packaging on the market can be in small cans, small plastic or large plastic, cups or carton. Videojet machines have competitive features and are easy to operate for candy industries.


Printing dates on pouches

Managing multiple pre-printed films for multiple products running on the same lines can be cumbersome and costly. TTO gives you the capability to print product information during packaging, enabling you to limit pre-printed film variations. TTO can print high resolution logos, bar codes and product information, giving you the ultimate in flexibility and efficiency.

Solutions for a wide variety of pouches

Make sure your coding doesn’t detract from your great package styling by considering coding during the design process, then choose the optimal coding technology for your specialized package.

Code on almost anything

Due to their shape, use, and dispensing method, many candy and confectionery packages, specially the ones targeted to kids, come in a variety of specialized containers. In fact, your package design often differentiates your products and can be integral to your success.