Building Materials




Building materials such as galvalume, stainless steel,  tools, safety tools, etc have code for identification as National Standard Indonesia regulation. 

Videojet can give you the best solution for all building materials.


Reliable, continuous print on paper and plastic bags

When bagging powdered materials, there can be variability with finished product placement on your conveyors. This can create distorted codes due to inconsistent throw distance from bag to bag. Equipped with the right accessories and the know-how for seamless installation on your line, Videojet experts can help you with optimal printer placement on your conveyor for clean and consistent codes.

Print a variety of text, characters or logos in hot, non-stop production environments

Regardless of whether you are printing lot, date or bar codes, moisture levels, panel grades, inspector ID information, species or batch data, coding equipment selection is largely driven by the demands of your production environment. The ease of maintenance must also be taken into consideration when bulky equipment limits accessibility to your printer. Videojet offers rugged printer options that are designed for dependability, minimized maintenance, and ease of use.

Code quality and your production environment

With the challenges of printing consistent codes in harsh environments and the cost and effort required to address operator-related coding mistakes, coding errors can quickly become a headache. Videojet offers exclusive technologies such as CleanFlow® and Dynamic Calibration™ that can help you print clean, consistent codes, even in challenging production environments. And our Code Assurance solutions can help simplify operator-to-printer interaction, and better equip operators to achieve the right code on the right product, time after time.