Chemicals are things that are needed in everyday life. The chemical industry requires quality-guaranteed coding suppliers. especially with the many challenges in the chemical industry which cannot be dusty, hot, and wet conditions. Videojet is here to answer these challenges with the best quality, improve internal quality and always update technology for consumer convenience.


Coding done right

Coding on plastics can have its challenges, including ink adherence on slick plasticizers and code resilience in the event of chemical spillage. The optimal coding solution takes into consideration your environment, your substrate and your required ink resiliency. Coding experts at Videojet can help you through this process of selecting and integrating the right solution for your needs.

Ink adhesion and coder selection

Whether your environment is hot, dusty or wet, selection of an optimal coding solution and ink is going to be key to your marking success. Videojet offers specialized solutions including printers with anti-clog printheads and specialty inks that are fast-dry, heat, and oil-resistant. With so many variables an options, it is important that you partner with a leader in the coding industry who can help you test varying solutions and identify the right coding and ink solution for your production environment.

Code on almost anything

Many specialty and fine chemicals come in unique containers, based on brand differentiation strategies as well as product use and dispense method. Ensure a high quality, consistent code, no matter what the container design, by choosing the optimal coding technology for your specialized package.