Electrical Components and Electronics



Today’s electronic and electrical products require unique coding and high resolution. Seeing the needs above, Videojet has 2 types of machines that are suitable for the electronics and electrical industries are Continuous Ink Jet (CIJ) and Laser. 


Videojet CIJ printers offer advanced functionality to deliver high-resolution and durable codes on a variety of materials. Even machines can reach at the micro size which is often required for electronic components and products where there is only a small space to print the code. This solution really helps increase productivity and work time, especially with ink formulations that are always updated to meet customer special needs.


Videojet laser marking systems provide permanent marking on a variety of media at high production line speeds. Videojet laser machines offer not only high quality, longevity, but also fewer consumables, green environment too.

Videojet has experience in these focused applications and can advise on a specific set of printing technologies to assist your production process.