Continuous Inkjet

Videojet® 1040

Continuous Inkjet

Videojet® 1040

Low volume operations running less than 5 days per week can benefit from the Videojet 1040 CIJ Printer. Experience high quality print and automatic maintenance procedures to keep your printer running optimally at great value

Speed without compromising quality

  • Apply highly legible codes up to 7.5mm in height onto primary products and outer case packaging
  • Clean and crisp codes to improve brand reputation and increase consumer confidence
  • Accurate drop placement technology provides precise character formation in multiple printing environments at multiple speeds

Engineered to keep your line running

  • Auto-cleaning printhead delivers up to 12 days of continuous use without cleaning
  • Dynamic Calibration™ automatically adjusts printing parameters for changing temperature or humidity conditions without manual operator intervention
  • Reliable start-up and print following extended shutdown up to two days

No mess, no waste fluid delivery

  • Advanced fluid management reduces makeup consumption to as low as 2.4 ml/hr
  • Smart Cartridge™ fluid delivery system to virtually eliminate spills and help ensure the correct fluids are being used

Simple Usability via Videojet standard CIJ interface

  • Intuitive 7” color touchscreen is easy to operate with fewer steps to input codes, requiring less operator training
  • Visual job selection and layout preview helps operator ensure the correct codes will be printed
  • Automatic date and time insert function reduces the risk of waste and rework from incorrect codes

    No mess, no waste, no mistakes

    The Smart Cartridge™ fluid delivery system contains a microchip that ensures the correct fluids are being used
    and alerts operators if the wrong cartridge is inserted.

    A unique design ensures all fluids are drained from the cartridges with no waste, maximizing consumption and
    saving costs.

    Videojet® 1040

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    Inks for unparalleled performance

    Our chemically advanced and proven inks are designed for today’s applications and production environments to deliver optimal performance and maximum uptime.

    • Rigorously tested across a variety of environmental conditions
    • Chemical compatibility between fluids and hardware helps prevent
      premature deterioration
    • Compliant with stringent purity and filtration standards and
      100% batch testing

    Unique printhead innovation

    Auto-cleaning functionality helps to reduce ink build-up inside the nozzle, enabling printers to run longer between cleaning intervals.

    Accurate drop placement technology uses advanced software algorithms to control the flight path of individual ink drops for excellent code quality in a variety of printing environments at multiple speeds.

    Videojet® 1040

    Continuous Inkjet


    Line speed capability

    Can print 1 to 2 lines of print at speeds of up to: Single line max speed = 130m/min (426.5ft/min) Twin line max speed = 50m/min (164ft/min)

    Font matrix configuration
    Single-line: 5×5, 5×7, 7×9, 9×12, 12×12, 12×16
    Twin-line: 5×5, 5×7, 7×9, 9×12, 12×12

    Nominal character height
    Selectable from 0.079” (2mm) to 0.295” (7.5mm), depending on font

    Throw distance
    5mm to 15mm (0.20” – 0.59”) with the print quality optimized
    for 12mm (0.47”)

    User interface options:
    178mm (7.0”) TFT-LCD touch screen with easy operability and
    fewer steps to input codes

    Character sets
    Russian/Bulgarian, Turkish/Scandinavian, Greek, Arabic, Hebrew, East European and European/American

    Languages and interface options
    English, Arabic, Bulgarian, Czech, French, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian,
    Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Thai, Turkish and Vietnamese

    Data interface
    USB 2.0

    Message storage
    Up to 15 messages

    Environmental protection
    IP43 standard; no plant air required; stainless steel cabinet

    Printhead Heated
    printhead Nozzle size:
    60 micron

    Printhead umbilical
    Ultra flexible
    Length: 2m (6.6’), MEK resistant

    Fluids containers
    Ink Smart Cartridge™ 750ml (0.793 qt.)
    Make-up Smart Cartridge™ 750ml (0.793 qt.)

    Temperature/humidity range
    5°C to 45°C (41°F to 113°F)
    0% to 90% RH non-condensing

    Electrical requirements
    Nominal supply power 100-120 / 200-240 VAC at 50/60 Hz.,
    60W nominal

    Approximate weight
    15kg (33.1lbs.)