Laser Marking System

Videojet® 3210

Laser Marking System

Videojet® 3210

The Videojet 3210 30-Watt CO2 laser marking system
removes the need to compromise on quality versus cost.
Advanced engineering and extensive laser application
expertise are combined to deliver a refined design that
makes laser coding achievable for everyone.
Whether new to laser coding or upgrading from an older
system, the 3210 is designed to make the transition
seamless with a compact, single-box solution that is
easy to install and requires minimal operator training.

Designed for efficiency

  • A compact, lightweight design makes line integration seamless
    while versatile mounting configurations simplify line changeovers
  • Videojet technicians are on hand to help ensure your laser is set
    up quickly and correctly
  • The intuitive touchscreen interface and setup wizards make job
    creation straightforward

A better solution for your line

  • Precise and permanent laser codes are easily readable and
    help convey the quality of your products while providing built-in
    counterfeit protection
  • Laser systems require no consumables so you never have to stock
    ink and solvent again
  • An air-cooled laser source with 50,000 hours of expected life
    provides extended printer availability with minimal required service

Videojet® 3210

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Videojet® 3210

Laser Marking System

Marking speed
Up to 1,300 characters/sec. (maximum marking speed is application dependent)

Line speed
Up to 360 m/min. (1,181ft/min.) (maximum line speed is application dependent)

Marking window
36×57 mm² to 72×115 mm²

9.3 μm, 10.2 μm, 10.6 μm

Marking formats
Standard industrial fonts (Type 1 Windows® TrueType®) and Single line fonts
Machine readable codes (OCR, 2D-matrix, etc.)
Bar codes: BC25, BC251, BC39, BC128, GS1-128, EAN13, UPC_A, RSS14,
RSS14 Truncated, RSS14 Stacked, RSS14 Stacked Omnidirectional, RSS Limited,
RSS Expanded, etc.
Graphics, logos, symbols, etc.
Linear, circular, angular, reverse, rotate
Sequential and batch numbering
Automatic date, layer and time coding; real-time clock
Dot mode enables marking 2D codes faster than traditional grid mode

Laser tube
Sealed CO2 laser, power class 30-Watt

Beam deflection
Steered beam with digital high-speed galvanometer scanners

Focal lengths: 100 / 150 / 200 mm (3.94 / 5.91 / 7.87 inches)

Operator interface options
Handheld or touchscreen controller
TCS+ via Web Browser

Language capabilities
Arabic, Brazilian Portuguese, English, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese,
Spanish, Thai, Traditional Chinese, UK English, Vietnamese; interface dependent

Ethernet, TCP/IP
Inputs for encoders and product detectors
9 inputs / 5 outputs in addition to machine/operator interlocks

Direct integration into complex production lines via scripting interface

Electrical requirements
100-120 VAC; 200-240 VAC 0.7 KW

Cooling system
Air cooled

Temperature 40-105°F (5-40°C)
Humidity 20% – 90%, non condensing

Sealing and safety standards
IEC 60825-1
IEC 62368-1
IEC 60204-1

Approximate weight
41.9lbs. (19kg)

Applicable certifications
Compliance (no certification required): ROHS