Laser Marking Systems

Videojet® 7510

Laser Marking Systems

Videojet® 7510

Small in size yet powerful in performance, the Videojet
7510 50-Watt fiber laser helps enable manufacturers to
mark crisp, clear codes at up to 600 meters per minute
to meet demands for increased throughput and more
code content.

This laser marking system is specifically engineered for
high speed beverage, pharmaceutical, and extrusion
manufacturers marking on robust materials such as
high-density Polyethylene (HDP), Nylon, Polyvinyl
Chloride (PVC), as well as aluminum and stainless
steel metals.

Uptime Advantage

  • Maximum performance and laser source life expectancy up to
    100,000 hours (mean time before failure)
  • Air-cooled laser source virtually eliminates maintenance intervals
  • No wear parts minimizes downtime
  • 90% more energy efficient compared to predecessor 100W Nd:YAG
    laser system

Built-in productivity

  • Optimized to mark-on-the-fly at lines speeds up to 600 m/min
  • Large marking window provides more time to mark, increasing throughput and maximizing productivity
  • On-screen diagnostics track causes of downtime and help
    troubleshooting to get the line back up and running quickly*

* With optional CLARiTY Laser Controller


Code Assurance

  • Optional CLARiTY Laser Controller offers built-in software features that help reduce operator errors and help ensure products are coded correctly
  • High precision scan head delivers consistent high quality codes across the entire mark window
  • Permanent codes help assure product traceability and tamperproofing


Simple usability

  • Compact mechanical design with two beam delivery options simplify integration
  • Intuitive color touchscreen interface option makes training and usability quick and easy

Videojet® 7510

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Videojet® 7510

Laser Marking Systems

Marking fields

Marking formats
Standard fonts (Windows® TrueType®/ TTF; PostScript®/ PFA, PFB; Open Type®/ OTF) and individual fonts, such as high-speed or OCR
Machine readable codes: ID-MATRIX (ECC100, 140, 200: 10×10 for square
formats, 8×8 to 16×48 for non-square formats; ECC plain; QR code); BAR CODES
(BC25/25i/39/39E/93/128; GS1-128; UPC_A; RSS14TR/ST/STC; RS LIM/EXP) Graphics/graphic components, logos, symbols, etc. (dxf, jpg, ai, etc.)
Linear, circular, angular text marking; rotation, reflection, expansion, compression of marking contents
Sequence and serial numbering; Automatic date, layer and time coding, real-time clock; Online coding of individual data (weight, contents, etc.)

Laser source
Ytterbium (Yb) pulsed fiber laser
Power class 50-Watt
Central emission wavelength: 1064nm (min: 1055nm, max: 1075nm)

Beam deflection
2 high-speed galvanometer scanners

Beam orientation
90-degree (standard) and straight-out (option)

Focusing (precision optics)
Focal lengths: f=100/163/254/420mm

Multiple operator interface options
Smart Graph software on PC; configurable in 12 languages (option)
CLARiTY Laser Controller

Language capabilities*
Arabic, Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, English, German, Greek, Finnish, French, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Simplified Chinese, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Traditional Chinese, Turkish, Vietnamese; interface dependent

Ethernet, TCP/IP and RS232, digital I/Os
Inputs for encoders and product detector triggers
I/Os for start, stop, external error, job select, trigger, trigger enable, encoder; system ready, ready to mark, marking, shutter closed, error, bad, good signals and machine/operator interlocks

Direct integration into complex production lines via scripting interface
Integration via Ethernet and RS232 interface
Highly precise side guided height adjustment via dovetail joint

Electrical requirements
100-240 VAC (autorange), 600 VA, 1 PH, 50/ 60 Hz

Cooling system
Air cooled

Temperature/humidity range
15 – 35° C (59 – 95° F) and up to 40°C (104° F) with a duty cycle of 70%;
10 – 90%, non-condensing

Sealing and safety standards
Marking unit: IP54
Supply unit: IP21
LASER CLASS 4 product (acc. to EN 60825-1:2014)

Measured weight
Supply unit: 18.8kg (41lbs.)
Marking unit: 7.6kg (17lbs.)

Applicable certifications