Laser Marking System

Videojet® 7810 UV Laser

Laser Marking System

Videojet® 7810 UV Laser

Packaging operations that require high-quality, traceable
codes for camera readability can rely on the Videojet UV
laser to help meet industry regulatory requirements, such as the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s Unique Device Identification. Direct marking of permanent codes helps prevent the risk of counterfeiting or manipulation to your product identification.

The 7810 applies crisp 2D, alphanumeric and other typical
codes at high speeds onto high-density polyethylene fibers such as DuPontTM Tyvek® and commonly used, rigid plastic materials such as white HDPE and LDPE. Videojet 360° Arc Compensation Software helps ensure the same mark quality can be achieved on rotational devices as well as straight line applications.

Uptime Advantage

  • Zero consumables to replace during day-to-day operation keeps
    lines running longer
  • Maximum printer availability with air-cooled laser source that
    virtually eliminates unscheduled downtime
  • No daily mechanical maintenance procedures help increase uptime

Built-in productivity

  • High throughput on both rotary and linear applications up to
    250 products per minute
  • UV wavelength enables high speed marking-on-the-fly of HDPE/LDPE packaging to increase efficiency
  • Mark quality, vision readable 2D codes up to (5.0 m/sec.)

Code Assurance

  • Permanent codes help ensure complete product lifetime traceability and anti-counterfeiting
  • Videojet 360° Arc Compensation Software feature enables
    consistent high-quality marks on rotational devices virtually
    eliminating distortion
  • Repeatable high contrast color change for top grade vision
    readability on white HDPE/LDPE packaging

Simple usability

  • Coding processes are simplified through the ability to mark any code,
    in any orientation, anywhere on the product
  • UV wavelength marks high resolution and high contrast onto HDPE/
    LDPE without the need for additives and revalidation of packaging
    materialsg line

Videojet® 7810 UV Laser

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Videojet® 7810 UV Laser

Laser Marking System

Marking fields
64×76 mm2 (SS10, f=103 mm) – 375×375 (SS07/SS10, f=511 mm)

Marking heads
SS10 and SS7 with focusing lenses: f=103 mm/160 mm/214 mm/511 mm

Marking speed
Up to 500 characters per second; 984 ft/min (300 m/min)

Laser source
Pulsed Nd: YVO (Vanadat)
Power class 2-Watt
Central emission wavelength: 355nm

Beam deflection
2 high-speed galvanometer scanners

Beam orientation

Operator interface
Smart Graph software on PC; configurable in 12 languages

Language capabilities
Chinese, Czech, Dutch, English US, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish

Ethernet, TCP/IP and RS232, digital I/Os
Inputs for encoders and product detector triggers
I/Os for start, stop, external error, job select, trigger, trigger enable, encoder;
system ready, ready to mark, marking, shutter closed, error, bad, good signals
and machine/operator interlocks

Direct integration into complex production lines via scripting interface
Integration via Ethernet and RS232 interface Highly precise side guided height adjustment via mounting with T-nut baseplate

Electrical requirements
100-240 VAC (autorange), 50/ 60 Hz

Power consumption
Typically 400Watt, 10A

Cooling system
Air cooled

50 – 104° F (10-40°C) (non-condensing)

Sealing and safety standards
Marking unit: IP20
Supply unit: IP21
LASER CLASS 4 product (acc. to IEC / EN 60825-1:2014)

Approximate weight
Supply unit: 44 lbs. (20 kg)
Marking unit: 55 lbs. (25 kg) max, without F-Theta lens

Applicable certifications