Salty Snacks

Salty Snacks become the most favorite food from kids until adulthood. It will be the best snack while family gathering, watching TV, etc.

Videojet can give information code details with the composition, weight, expiry and production date, so it will be safe to consume salty snacks. 

Salty snacks are packaged usually in bags, pouches, jars, can, cartons or cases. Videojet coding machines are very reliable to give code on those materials of packages.


Solution for a wide variety of bag tpyes= High quality coding on snack bags

From pillow to four-sided to block-bottom, bag variety and the machines used to fill them continue to evolve. New bag features and packaging lines can dictate your coding technology selection, but code quality and content requirements also play a role.

Coding on jars, tins and cans – Versatility to code on almost anything

Substrate, environmental considerations or requirements for specialty inks can make selection of a coding solution more challenging. With the right expertise, an optimal solution can be specified for your snack production line.

Coding and marking on cartons – Coding solutions to meet your unique needs

Selection of a carton coding technology is based on the unique needs of your business. Things to consider include requirements for limited consumables, permanent or 2D codes or even solvent-free technologies.