Laser Marking System

Videojet® 3640

Laser Marking System

Videojet® 3640

Meet permanent coding needs today and in
the future, with the high-speed capabilities
of the Videojet 3640 CO2 laser marking

With print speeds of up to 2,100 characters
per second and 150,000 products per hour,
the 3640 is an ideal solution to help address
highest speed and volume applications in
the pharmaceutical, tobacco and beverage

Uptime Advantage

  • Optimized for high-speed and high-volume production lines
  • Maximize printer availability with long-life, air-cooled laser sources
  • Optional VideojetConnect Remote Service allows access to Videojet experts to help improve productivity and troubleshoot potential issues


Industrial Design

  • Suitable for harsh environments where dust and humidity are a challenge and where the system is regularly washed down
  • Available with an ingress protection level of IP65
  • Designed for 24/7 operation in beverage, food, pharmaceutical and tobacco lines

Code Assurance

  • Optional CLARiTYTM Laser Controller offers built-in software features that help reduce operator errors and ensure products are coded correctly
  • High-quality, permanent codes help assure product traceability and tamper-proofing
  • High-resolution marking head delivers consistent, crisp codes

Simple integration

  • Compact, high-power laser marking system in the industry
  • Easily integrate the laser marking system, even into production lines that have space limitations
  • Widest marking field reduces the number of lasers that are required to cover multi-lane / wide web applications, reducing investment and running cost

Videojet® 3640

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Videojet® 3640

Laser Marking System

Marking speed
Up to 2,100 characters/sec.(1)

Line speed
Up to 15m/sec. (49ft/sec.)(1)

Marking window
Approx. 30.8 x 38.2mm² to 601.0 x 439.8mm²

10.6μm, 10.2μm and 9.3μm

Marking formats
Standard industrial fonts (Type 1 Windows® TrueType®) and Single line fonts
Machine readable codes (OCR, 2D-matrix, etc.)
Bar codes: BC25, BC25i, BC39, BC128, GS1-128, EAN13, UPC_A, RSS14,
RSS14 Truncated, RSS14 Stacked, RSS14 Stacked Omnidirectional, RSS Limited, RSS Expanded, etc.
Graphics, logos, symbols, etc.
Linear, circular, angular, reverse, rotate
Sequential and batch numbering
Automatic date, layer and time coding; real-time clock
Dot mode enables marking 2D codes faster than traditional grid mode

Laser tube
Sealed CO2 laser, power class 60-Watt

Beam deflection
Steered beam with digital high-speed galvanometer scanners

Focal lengths: 64/ 95/ 127/ 190/ 254 mm (2.5/ 3.75/ 5.0/ 7.5/ 10.0 inches);
63.5/ 85/ 100/ 150/ 200/ 300/ 351/ 400 mm (2.50/ 3.35/ 3.94/ 5.9/ 7.87/ 11.8/
13.8/ 15.75 inches); 100/ 150/ 200/ 300/ 351 mm (3.9/ 5.9/ 7.9/ 11.8/ 13.8 inches);
400/ 500/ 600 mm (15.75/ 19.68/ 23.62 inches)

Multiple operator interface options
Handheld controller
PC software
TCS Touch Control Software
CLARiTY Laser Controller
Smart Graph Com

Language capabilities(2)
Arabic, Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, English, German, Greek, Finnish, French, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Simplified Chinese, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Traditional Chinese, Turkish, Vietnamese; interface dependent. Additional languages available with Smart Graph software.

(1) Maximum marking and line speed is application dependent
(2) With optional CLARiTY Laser Controller

Ethernet, TCP/IP and RS232 optional
Inputs for encoders and product detector triggers
16 inputs / 11 outputs for start/stop signals, machine/operator interlocks, alarm outputs; in addition to the safety circuits
Customer-specific solutions available

Direct integration into complex production lines via scripting interface
Flexible beam delivery options (beam extension unit/ beam turning unit)
Detachable umbilical for simple integration; available in 3 lengths

Electrical requirements
100-240 VAC (autorange), ~50/60Hz, 1PH, 1.15kW

Cooling system
Air cooled

Temperature 40-105° F (5-40° C)
Humidity 10%-90%, non-condensing

Sealing and safety standards
Supply Unit: IP54, optional IP65
Marking Unit: IP54, optional IP65
Optional safety module provides Performance Level d (PFL-d) in accordance
to EN 13849-1
IEC/EN 60825-1:2014

Approximate weight
Supply unit: IP54/IP65 25.4lbs. (11.5kg)
Marking unit: IP54 58.4 lbs. (26.5kg); IP65 59.5lbs. (27kg)

Applicable certifications
Compliance (no certification required): ROHS, CDRH/FDA